Client Care Representative Position Details

Job Summary:

Answer incoming client telephone calls. Assist with the supervision and dispatching of all scheduled service and maintenance calls. Reports to the Call Center Manager

Essential Functions:

  • Answer incoming client telephone calls and recognize that this is where the client will form their first impression of the company. Good communication with the client is essential! Make sure taking care of the client takes higher priority than any other task and that clients are enthusiastic about how they are treated. Have a courteous and pleasant demeanor whether on a phone call or not. Realize that courteousness is contagious, and has a positive effect on other Team Members.
  • Ensure that each telephone call is answered before the third ring and that the approved company greeting and script is used each time.
  • Assist with the supervision and dispatching of all scheduled service and maintenance calls to ensure maximum efficiency of scheduling without compromising client satisfaction.
  • Notify clients ahead of time without fail if the plumber is not going to arrive at their home within the scheduled time window and rescheduling the time at the client's convenience.
  • Call Agreement Membership clients, as scheduled service appointments should be booked to make up for any shortfall of repair calls. Performing the budgeted number of service and repair calls each day is critical, because residential replacement leads are generated from those calls.
  • When assisting dispatch, help debrief plumbers after each call and insist that all Plumbers collect payment immediately after each job is complete.
  • Obey the Code of Ethics, Team Rules and Team Philosophy


  • High School Diploma or equivalent required.
  • Above average verbal and telephone communication skills are essential.
  • Must have good computer software skills.
  • Prior customer service experience preferred.

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