Mechanical Pipe Insulator


  • Mechanical pipe insulators are responsible for applying insulating materials to pipes and mechanical equipment in order to help control and maintain temperature
Essential Job Functions:
  • Adhere to safety procedures
  • Measure and cut insulation for covering surfaces using tape measures, handsaws, knives, and scissors
  • Fit insulation around obstructions and shape insulating materials and protective coverings as required
  • Determine the amounts and types of insulation needed, and methods of installation, based on factors such as location, surface shape, and equipment
  • Apply, remove, and repair insulation on industrial equipment, pipes, or mechanical systems such as heat exchangers, tanks, and vessels to help control noise and maintain temperatures
  • Read blueprints and specifications to determine job requirements


  • Ability to frequently lift / carry 50 lbs. in a 10 hour day (may occasionally be expected to lift up to 100 lbs.)
  • Stand or kneel 8-10 hours per day
  • Must be able to bend at waist, reach above shoulder, climb, or squat continuously 8-10 hours per day
  • Use upper extremities for grasping, pulling, and fine manipulations
  • Work outdoors in extreme conditions (i.e. heat, cold, etc.)
  • Must be able to work in tight or confined spaces (within reason)
  • Ability to read and interpret a variety of instructions as well as an understanding of basic math; must work within precise standards of accuracy
  • Commercial construction experience is preffered
  • $40K-70K per year wage plus benefits
  • Friendly team leaders
  • Opportunities to advance within company

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